About Bell


Hello Im Bell. Joining you all from North Carolina. I   like to think that I am one of many brilliant thoughts and ideas. I had this thought in the back of my mind. What could be a better method of getting all my thoughts  and ideas out there better than using the social   networks such as Twitter  and Facebook. I had the idea that even if I had great information, it would  be better that I only made it available to an   audience that would be interested in what I had to offer. That Makes the   difference between blogging and social networking. I wanted to make the   content that I take the time to post to only be available to those who are   specifically in search of the particular topic itself. Why post in vain?

I would also like to post content by request in atempt to better get to know my readers, and what topics you all are most interested in. If you so happen to  have any request feel free to contact me at doravion.bell@gmail.com i look forward to hearing from you all. Thank  you for your visit.



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