8 effective ways to clear the acne

Doesn't this bug you?

Doesn’t this bug you?

Acne is a condition of the hair follicles commonly of the face. Although bacteria does play a major role in the development of pimples and zits, it is not the main cause. Acne is also caused by excess build of sebum, an oil that protects and lubricates the skin. Most commonly acne appears in the form of black heads, white heads, red bumps or zits.  Although it can be quite irritating and stressful there are ways to cure this persistent condition. I’d like to share with you 8 ways to clear your acne.Join me and many others who benefit from the results of clear acne and scar free skin here at http://2da75pjrn8g-bw7z786un0fydm.hop.clickbank.net/

1) Hands off!!!

Often times we don’t realize how much we touch our face throughout the day. Although it seems like a harmless act, our hands come in contact with so much bacteria. This promises acne.

2) Wash your face twice a day.

 Taking the time to give your face just a little more attention makes a world      of difference. Throughout the day our pores become heavily clogged  wIth oil produced by the body as well as dirt, however you should avoid      scrubbing to roughly causing skin aggravation.

3) Get out and exercise

I know you are probably thinking what does exercising have to do with    acne? Well sweating in particular is what we are after as it helps to cleanse   the pores of excess oils. It also helps decrease sebum leveles which  promote acne.

4) Don’t pop the pimple

Popping the pimple can often times do more harm than good as you   increase your chances of infection as well as  scarred skin. If perhaps you   need to get rid of it for an event or special occassion I would recommend   you have a dermatologist treat it for you.

5) Not too much sunlight

Although the sun is absolutely good for you it can also be bad. Over   exposure to the sun can greatly increase your levels of sebum which    causes acne to occur.

6) wipe your glasses

For those of you who wear glasses make sure to regularly clean them off as   glasses collect oil and sebum.

7) Shower after gym time.

One thing that is certainly easy to do is to come home after working out   and workinIg up a sweat, then finding some place comfortable to sit and    rest and by then naturally you are ready to eat, leaving all the saltiness and     dry sweat all over your skin. This is a perfect way to worsen acne   symptoms.

 8) Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide Is known as one of the most effective ways to rid    yourself of acne. Unless you are allergic, it is highly recommended.  Benzoyl   Peroxide kills the bacteria that causes acne inflammation.  Beware that it   could cause skin dryness. Avoid contact with your hair as it  will bleach.  Benzoyl Peroxide removes excess oils and dead skin but may  cause  burning and tingling.

I certainly hope that this was found both interesting and useful, but considering the severity of most cases the above tips and advice may not be sufficient. Here at acne fix I also have a recommendaction for cases that have gotten out of hand. There have been reports of great results for people who have also considered “Acne No More” you can easily find it here http://2da75pjrn8g-bw7z786un0fydm.hop.clickbank.net/ Click here and find out more about what ccould be your  ticket to an acne free life.


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